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NADEX (North American Derivatives Exchange) It is the North American market for trading derivative instruments. Market opened in October 2004 , entitled HedgeStreet, and its present name in 2007 year after, how it has acquired British company IG Group.

Exchange is fully electronic since its inception, t. it is. all financial transactions on it are carried out online on the Internet. According to US regulations, technically Nadex a place of exchange of contracts (exchange) and the organization of an exchange derivatives (kliringovyj home), which is controlled by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Recently Nadex became a broker binary options, leading its activities in the United States as a market maker.

Exchange NADEX: short review

Online Exchange NADEX you can find a variety of information that interests you,. Unfortunately, as the market focused on the work with the American public, its website has only an English versiyu.Odnim of the most important issues, concern in options trading industry is regulation. Not many binary options brokers are regulated, but even those brokers, whose activities are governed by, not always regulated by the authoritative bodies.

The greatest advantage of the American traders, Nadex using a binary options broker is the CFTC regulation Nadex (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). NADEX is the only exchange of binary tools, CFTC regulated, and legally operating in the US.

None of binary options broker can not operate in the United States or to US citizens to provide their services without regulating their activities CFTC. Some brokers even claim, that provide their services to US citizens, but it’s a matter of time. And most likely, Nadex soon will be the only broker in the US. Especially, that traders regard as the best broker Nadex. It should be noted at once, that according to the regulation of broker activities Nadex provides a service for options trading only to US citizens, Canada and Mexico.

In addition to presentations of derivative instruments for trading on NADEX you can get information about the underlying assets markets , which can be used to trade binary options (we will focus on this in more detail below).

Also in the relevant sections to be a lot of training materials for the trade in the financial markets and, in particular binary options trading: recording training webinars, training videos, e-book resources, etc.. d., as well as many continuously updated analytical materials on various underlying assets, which can help traders in making trading decisions.

In the «Trading» section contains information on trading platforms to work on NADEX. The Exchange provides you with a choice of two platforms: NADEX online platform and NADEX the Pro platform, provided in the form of software, which can be downloaded to your computer from the Exchange site.
Binary options, which offers Nadex can be attributed to the type of European digital optsiony.NADEX — this binary options broker, which provides a platform for traders trading. When you trade binary options with Nadex, you are trading with other market participants, instead of the broker in European binary options.

NADEX also provides applications for trade with a variety of mobile devices — smartphones and tablets.

If you are a newcomer to the market, or you already have experience, but you just want to work out in the binary options trading on the stock exchange NADEX, then you can take advantage of a demo account.

One of the main differences on trade NADEX exchange of binary options trading through brokers is a popular fact, that NADEX you there is only one type of binary option — a classic option High / Low (higher lower).

The markets of the underlying assets to trade binary options on NADEX

The exchange NADEX you can trade binary options on the following underlying assets: stocks, forex (t. it is. currency pairs), Raw Materials, Events Bitcoin.

As you can see, NADEX in this section is also different from other large binary options brokers. At first, in the above list, there are no individual stock companies and there are only stocks.

Secondly, in NADEX list includes events and Bitcoin — two assets, which are not often seen from other brokers.

A few strike prices. This gives some flexibility. The parameter values ​​at different strike prices are significantly different and offer different risk / reward.
broker Fee. NADEX charge from $0,90 to $9 for contract. This is much less than the interest rates, accrued by European brokers binary options.
Execution of orders. In trade with European brokers binary options trader must be present in front of the computer for transactions. Nadex not oblige traders to be in front of computer to buy options. The trader can set a target value of the price, in which he will buy an option. The system will perform its option to achieve the specified price broker.
used strategy. As binary options, proposed Nadex, have more than one strike, traded and have credit terms, number of strategies, which can be used in this case is greater, than the European option trading.

Trading Instruments Nadex

Nadex offers its clients to trade Forex currency pairs, stock market indices, commodities, Events Bitcoin. If the currency pair, indices and commodities you know, then let’s look in more detail with the tool, as «events». Nadex offers three readings to predict events: US Fed meeting, publish data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits and data on the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector (Non-farm payrolls). Traders need to predict, expected to remain at the same level, or will be revised upward / downward.

Bitcoin — a new electronic crypto currency. Nadex offers daily and weekly contracts for binary options with Bitcoin. Contract prices are established on the Bitcoin index, which is published in TeraExchange. for example, whether Bitcoin price above $379,5 at 3:00 pm today? If you think, yes — buy, if not — sell. The scheme is similar to the European trading options.

Nadex Trading Platform

The trading platform provides DMA (Direct Market Access) — direct access. The graphs in real time give insight into price movements Nadex contracts, as well as an indication of the market price of a specific asset. The platform allows the use of technical indicators, tick charts to view and annotate graphs.

Nadex Trading Platform

Schedule of trading platform Nadex


Deposits and withdrawals

Make money on the account in Nadex system is only possible with the help of electronic check, a paper check or bank transfer. Withdrawal is carried out only via bank transfer when paying bank charges $25.


As you can see, American binary options broker is different from the European. First of all, this regulation, European brokers do not always have a license, and if they are, it is often the gambling. Technology trade binary options in Europe and the United States is no different. Differ themselves determine the binary options and procedures for determining the strike price of options. I think, for those, who could compare to Nadex practice and one of the European brokers, a good experience.



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