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All new traders, coming on the market, think, the most important thing — is to find a good trading system, to be profitable. I thought so too at first, it turned, it is not so. At one time I tried a lot of indicators and their various combinations. It turned, that almost all of them are redrawn, and charts the history of them does not make sense to test (Only when manually run a candle for candle), and secondly they are late and provide signals too late. In general it is all the same 50 on 50.

What I have not studied, they did not help me to better distinguish the flat from the trend and turning points. Indicators can be used, but additional signals. As primary? The very price, candles, figures (patterns), support level, resistance and certain laws, which will become apparent after many many many hours working with charts.

That will allow you to pass this way soon?

  • recognize, that the trading strategy — it is only a small part of the success, much more important are your discipline and competent management of capital and risk in transactions.
  • Trading on paper and on a demo account before trading with real money.
  • As I already said, starting preferably with binary options.
  • You should begin to trade on the long periods (days, of the week), and gradually move to a smaller timeframe (H4, H1) Only after several months of successful trading in the senior.
  • transactions blogs News, deal with statistics, reports.

You Know, I had not attached the importance of discipline in trade. In each new book, the first thing I looked trading strategies and principles of price movement, if the author is talking about it. I have tried a lot of profitable trading systems, but they did not give me a good result. Common situation? It turned, that’s just me, and now I’m pretty sure this.

Profitable strategy for one asset, may not work in another. Furthermore, strategies have become outdated, rather they have a cyclical. The strategy may work well a year or two, and then he begins to work less, A year later, it may not work at all, and through the years 5 starts working again. How to be? Most successful traders to trade using multiple strategies, that change over time.

Also keep in mind, that the strategy, used in trade, It should be clear and in harmony with your ideas about the market, you have to know its strengths and weaknesses. That is why, found somewhere strategy will not work for you, until you’ve tested it, and not modify for themselves.

So what is important at the earliest stages? The first thing to understand, what moves the price, learn how to build support and resistance levels, see, as evidenced by the combination of candles, see patterns and based on them to make their own trading systems.

The task is not simple, Only here and practice your time will be your helpers. We need time and, that new information had time well absorbed. A good teacher significantly speed up your learning process, but where to find it? On the Internet, many people, which seems to be taught, but actually engaged in fraud, tk. do not make trading. Many successful traders are not engaged in learning. Good luck in finding such teachers!

In addition, I advise you carefully read all the articles of this site, here you will find a lot of useful and important information about the free trading basics.

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